Here you'll find my technical endeavours into the realms of audio in all their glory

Beeps, Boops, BBRRRZZZZZZZs, and all inbetween

Contrary to popular belief, audio is more than just music... Thankfully for you, dear traveller, I have some examples of cool audio things I've done in my humble time on this planet. Have a gander at some choice cuts, some particularly delicious highlighted works below. Go on. You know you want to.

Role Project Name Organisation Year
Volunteer Audio and Video Editor Step to the Throne Razana Afrika 2021
Volunteer Audio Editor and Producer Shelf Life Podcast Bristol Libraries 2021
Music Video Producer Cosmic Satori Records 2021-present

Worked with Christelle Pellecuer to design media, source music, mix audio and fix/edit video footage from a series of interviews conduted for the Razana Afrika 'Step to the Throne' project.

Worked with Bristol Libraries and members of the librarian team to create epsiodes for the 'Shelf Life' podcast.

Desiging music videos for my music side project Cosmic. Music videos are usually a mixture of live footage, creative/destructive editing in DaVinci Resolve and 3D environment creation in Unity3D